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Denny JA


Denny JA

Denny JA is an intellectual entrepreneur and multi-talented writer. He was born in Palembang, January 4, 1963. He has won several national and international awards for his contributions in academics, politics, social media, literature, and culture. 

Denny JA’s role in the public sector stands out for his four pioneering areas in Indonesia.

1. Pioneering in a new genre of literature (Essay Poetry)

Denny JA brings a new colour in the realm of Indonesian literature. He introduced a genre called ‘essay poetry’. Through this genre, Denny JA takes poetry beyond its traditional role because it makes poetry as well as having the power of an essay, and makes essays have poetic beauty. These are the awards he achieved in the essay poetry movement:

January 2014.

Team 8 selected Denny JA as one of the 33 most influential literary figures in Indonesia.

May 2020.

It is official that essay poetry has become a new word in the Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). In the dictionary, essay poetry is defined as “A variety of literature containing social and moral messages through simple words with verse patterns, in the form of facts, fiction and footnotes.”

March 2021.

Denny JA received an ASEAN-level literary award from Malaysia. Denny is credited with bringing an innovation in literature. The essay poetry genre has expanded to ASEAN countries.

August 2021.

Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 was given by the Indonesian Writer’s Guild Satupena, for his 40 years of continuous dedication and innovation in the realm of writing through various genres of writing.

2. Pioneer for community philanthropic activities “Indonesia Without Discrimination”

Denny JA popularized a social movement which he named the “Indonesian Movement Without Discrimination”. What is new about this Movement is that it campaigns for the idea through various cultural works: films, poetry, theater, paintings, photographs, songs and various scientific researches. He campaigned for the idea even through public service advertisements that appeared every day on national TV from October 2012 to June 2013.

In 2013 he received the Democracy Award from the Rakyat Merdeka media.

3. His pioneering role in changing electoral politics through public opinion surveys and political consultants

The Indonesian Survey Circle (Lingkaran Survei Indonesia), which was founded by Denny JA in 2005, is considered the first professional political consultant in Indonesia with a massive role in Indonesia’s political election. Since its establishment, Denny JA and his team have received many awards, namely:


  • Four times won Presidential Election in a row
  • Most Accurate Survey
  • Most Won Governor, Regent, and Mayor Elections in Indonesia


  • 30 Most Influential People on the Internet 2015 version of TIME Magazine
  • The World’s 2nd  Golden Tweet 2014 by Twitter Inc.
  • World Guinness Records 2018 for the Largest Politics Lesson

4. Art and History of Denny JA’s NFT Studio


Denny JA first made and sold his NFT work entitled “A Portrait of Denny JA-40 Years in the World of Ideas” on April 22, 2021 at a price of 27.5 WETH, or around Rp 1 Billion via the OpenSea site. The work of NFT Studio Denny JA has also pioneered the commercial value of NFT in Indonesia.

There is also a tweet produced by Studio Denny JA, selling for 100 million rupiah (7000 USD) in the same month: April 2021. From that experience, he is currently building Studio NFT which contains 100 editions of ancient newspapers in Indonesian and Dutch. The names of the 9 newspapers are:

  • Bintang Timor, 1866 edition.
  • Sinar Terang, 1888 edition,
  • De Preanger Bode, 1899 edition.

These newspaper editions will be the third NFT work of Denny JA Studio, and along with the original newspapers are intended to be auctioned in Christie’s.

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